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AlertTagHelper - Frontend Alerts

By Ziya Mollamahmut


Install nuget package

Install-Package LazZiya.TagHelpers

Add taghelpers in _ViewImports.cshtml

@addTagHelper *, LazZiya.TagHelpers

Basic usage

Create bootstrap 4.x themed alerts with simple html tag.

 This is a primary alert from the front end.

Primary alert front end

Un-dismissable alert

Use dismissable attribute to remove the alert closing button.

<alert-info dismissable="false">
 This an alert that can't be dismissed!

Alert no dismiss

Alert header

Add alert header using alert-heading attribute

<alert-warning alert-heading="Warning!">
 This is a warning alert with header.

Alert with header

Html content

It is possible to use html content inside the alert body.

 <h3>Danger alert</h3>
 <p>This is a danger alert with html content.</p>
 <hr />
 <p class="text-dark">Use your creativity to style the content as you wish.</p>

Alert with HTML content

All alerts


All alerts

See samples in the demo page.