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LanguageNav TagHelper Attributes

By Ziya Mollamahmut

All language navigation taghelper attributes are optional.

Html attribute type default value description
supported-cultures string Manually specify a list of supported cultures. e.g. "en,tr,ar"
language-label LanguageLabel LanguageLabel.EnglishName The displayed text for each language in the dropdown. Possible values: Name, DisplayName, EnglishName, NativeName, TwoLetterISOLanguageName
redirect-to-url string {0} The url to redirect to on language change.
cookie-handler-url string The url to the handler that sets the value of culture cookie.
render-mode RenderMode RenderMode.Bootstrap Render a bootstrap dropdown or a classic <select> dropdown. Possible values: Bootstrap, Bootstrap5, Classic.
flags bool false Show/hide relevant country flags. Works with bootstrap mode only.
flags-squared bool false Show flags in squared format.