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Use Yandex Translate For Localization

By Ziya Mollamahmut

This nuget is based on the free plan of Yandex Translate.

See GitHub repo


PM > Install-Package XLocalizer.Translate.YandexTranslate

Notice: To install the latest preview add -Pre to the command line

Add Yandex Translate API key to user secrets

Right click on the project name and select Manage User Secrets, then add the API key as below:

  "XLocalizer.Translate": {
    "YandexTranslateApiKey": "xxx-yandex-translate-api-key-xxx"

Register in startup

using XLocalizer.Translate
using XLocalizer.Translate.YandexTranslate

services.AddHttpClient<ITranslator, YandexTranslateService>();

Use with XLocalizer

// Configure XLocalizer to use the translation service 
// and enable online translation
        .AddXLocalizer<LocSource, YandexTranslateService>(ops =>
            // ...
            ops.AutoTranslate = true;